The Frustrations of a Relationship

Two people who agree to share their lives and build a future are in for some shocking surprises once they have made a commitment, and it is often the little things in life that frustrate them. Both of them usually agree about issues they consider very important, but they tend to overlook the small things in life that can add up to big arguments between them. While both of them might agree on political views, religion and how to raise a child, the disagreements they do have will eventually affect their relationship in a profound way.

Agreement on the Chores of Life

It might seem like a small chore, but there are many couples who actually disagree about who should take out the trash and do other daily household chores. Each person will look at how they were raised, and that settles the issue for them. Their partner might have been raised very differently, or they may feel that how they were raised was wrong. While it is generally unimportant which partner takes out the trash or does the small house chores, many arguments have stemmed from frustration over who does the work and how they feel about it.

Agree to Disagree

There are some couples who have found, before they ever make a lifetime commitment to build a future together, that they disagree on some fundamental issues. Many of them try to agree to disagree, but they can still find frustration. Major issues in life often affect many facets of it, and these can flare into tense arguments when a couple does not realize they were in basic disagreement on that part of a subject. Some of them will learn over time to simply move past it, but others will find the frustration of a stubborn partner ruins their joy in being part of a couple.

Changing Viewpoints

As people age, they look at the world in a different way. This greatly affects two people who are growing together, and it is not always good for their relationship. They might completely change their viewpoint on many different subjects, but if there is no agreement between them it can become frustrating. Even the thought of change is difficult for some people, and a partner who suddenly sees things in a new light can cause tension within the relationship. Keeping the relationship on track involves listening to each other with an open mind and heart so that neither person feels the frustration of being left behind.

Where to Live

The world has become a much more mobile place, and couples now find each other in different ways than in the past. Many people used to grow up in the same neighborhood, and that is where they built their life together. They were close to both families back then, but times have changed. Choosing where to live is often based on available employment for the couple, but it can become a frustrating decision when that is no longer an issue. Couples who were raised far apart from each other have to find a way to compromise on where they will live, or they might find the frustration breaking their relationship apart.

Modern life has many frustrations, and relationships can hold many hurts for those who feel trapped by them. Learning to listen with an open mind and heart, compromising and going the extra length to help a partner are all ways to avoid letting frustration take over the relationship.